Hatfield mccoy reunion festival

Matewan was recently selected the winner of WV Living Magazine's Turn This Town Around campaign! To find out more about what we are doing to turn our town around, call Matewan Town Hall or visit our Facebook Page!

Feuding History It's always best to learn from history! So if you're not a Hatfield or McCoy, you better get your facts straight before you head on down to Matewan. Just Kidding! But, if you're talking to a Hatfield, you better agree that it was their pig, and vice versa! 

You don't have to register, but it would sure make our lives a whole lot easier. Let us know you're coming! You can also pre-register for an official Hatfield McCoy Reunion Festival T-Shirt, and sign up for the Pulled Pork Pig Out Dinner, narrated tour!

  • Book a narrated tour of the feud sites!
  • Sign up for the Pulled Pork Pig Out Dinner, Get your official shirt and name tag!
  • CALL 304-426-5607 to REGISTER

Matewan, west virginia | 304-426-4092  | June 17th -18th, 2016 

We've burried the hatchet, Signed the peace treaty, and now we're going to celebrate!

Join in the fun on june 17th and 18th, 2016 for the hatfield mccoy reunion festival in matewan, wv. you'll have a blast! and we promise not to fight!